What You Should Know About CBD

What is CBD?

Have questions about CBD? Inside your brain, central and peripheral nervous system, among other areas, you have receptors that specifically work with cannabinoids. Nature designed you this way because your body produces a cannabinoid internally (an endocannabinoid) to support those receptors.

Collectively, these receptors make up what’s called your Endocannabinoid System. It’s responsible for many physiological processes, including mood, memory, inflammation, and more.

When will I feel it?

Everyone is a little different, but CBD oil is not like taking advil for a headache. These are supplements that build up in your system and have an overall longterm effect, like exercise.

Am I going to be high?

CBD does not make you high, regardless of how much you consume. If you take a large amount of CBD oil, it’s possible to have an upset stomach. There is no THC like marijuana.

Will I get the munchies?

No, CBD is not known to make you hungry. The cannabinoid THC, which is extremely potent in marijuana, is well-known to have that effect. Our products are made from hemp extract, which contains less than .03%, so you will not get its intoxicating feeling.

How do I know how much to take?

All of our products come with suggested serving sizes. We believe it’s always better to start off slow and let the supplement build up in your system. Some customers have reported a change as soon as two days. Sign up for our free e-Book! It has our CBD FAQ in detail CBD guide on what is CBD and how to use it.