CBD Full Spectrum Sublingual Elixir: 2oz (60 ml) - Total 6000 mg of CBD

Sublingual CBD Oil Mood Elevation


Contains 100 mg of CBD in 1 ml. Total of 60 ml.

TrustedCBD premium sublingual elixir is infused with CBD intact in its natural full spectrum hemp oil matrix of over 500 other plant compounds including over 100 other natural cannabinoids, over 200 naturally occurring terpenes and various other natural compounds including numerous flavonoids, phytosterols, vitamins, pigments, fatty acids, amino acids, proteins, glycoproteins, enzymes, sugars, alkaloids, etc. All of these compounds interact perfectly, as nature intended, to increase health. Our oils are never heated or pressurized when heated, pressurized or stressed many of these compounds disappear, completely changing the health-giving properties of the plant oil. Our elixirs are naturally flavored and are not cut with coconut oil, MCTs, or glycerin.

For better results, keep refrigerated and shake well before use.

No TCH, less than 0.03% THC, legal in all 50 states